Innovative Digital Technologies for Research on Universe and Matter

Progress in fundamental research on universe and matter (ErUM) is made by studying structures at smaller and smaller scales. The high resolution of modern instruments in particle, hadron and nuclear, and astroparticle physics results in huge amounts of research data, at the order of millions of terabytes. And the next generation of experiments will increase the dataset sizes even more, exceeding the growth expected from advances in storage technologies.

To address the challenge of increasing data rates and volumes 17 partners from universities and research centers joined forces in the BMBF funded ErUM Data pilot project Innovative Digital Technologies for Research on Universe and Matter. Our aim is to exploit modern technologies for the development of experiment overarching solutions. In four research areas we develop and deploy components and systems for leveraging heterogeneous resources, investigate the potential of novel deep learning methods, and optimize algorithms that reconstruct the objects of interest from the raw data.


Kickoff meeting in Munich
February 22, 2019

Announcement on the BMBF web page
October 25, 2018